The fanpoll by the german official Fanclub
and LOUDMOUTH!-the official Fanzine for the Ramones’ 20th Anniversary
(Done December 1993-July 1994; released September 9, 1994).
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Just remember, it was back in 1993 and 1994, yes, unbelievable, in a time without the internet. In a time when people communicated via letters… we tried to reach as many people as were possible, giving flyers around especially on Ramones-shows all over the world, pleasing people to share them on. People had to fill out the questionnaires by hand, and put them in an envelope to send it to us, paying money for this… what an old-fashioned way of life… only around 250 came back to us even we sended a lot lot more around. People been lazy, but… anyway… it worked... a bit. This was the first ever thing like this.
From the participants is known that 79% were male, and that they were 26,7 years old in average. They came from 14 countries, most in Europe, but also USA, Canada and South America. Non asians and non oceanians (Australia/New Zealand) were involved (as Ramones did not tour that part of the world in this months, no flyer could have been spread there, and also the Ramones-community was not networked like it is nowadays). 
The participants' favourite bands/musicians of all times were (in this order):
1.Ramones- 2.Sex Pistols- 3.The Damned- 4.The Clash- 5.Dead Kennedys- 6.Iggy Pop- 7.The Beatles- 8.The Beach Boys- 9.The Who- 10.The Misfits.
Around 30% of the participants were playing in a band, and only one band of this were not covering a song by Ramones.
Participants said that the most missed questions were the one about their favorite line-up of Ramones (the former one would have won) and about the most boring albumcover („Brain Drain“ would have won).
Asked about their first impression about the band, they answered (examples):
„Nice haircuts“, „Rock and Roll!!!“, „Ugly people“, „Unbelievable“, „That’s it“ and „Good looking guys“.
To the participants the most important about Ramones were (in this order):
the music, the liveshows, the guys themselves, the lyrics, the lifestyle, the records and „their brilliant simplicity“.
The most named band, of which Ramones should have made a coversong of, were The Beatles (by far).
33,8% knew the „GabbaGabbaHey!“-Tributealbum (the best known back then) and heard it- 3,2% said they did not heard about it- 26,1% said they knew about but haven’t heard it then (the rest did not answer to the question). The people who knew the album voted as best and worst song the same one most: „Beat On The Brat“ by Pigmy Love Circus.

Favourite albums
(continental system, means: the 1 is the best note, the 6 the worst)-the average voting:
1. Ramones 1,19
2. It’s alive 1,2
3. Rocket To Russia 1,31
4. Mondo Bizarro 1,5
5. Leave Home 1,53
6. Road To Ruin 1,56
7. Too Tough To Die 1,8
8. Ramones Mania 1,89
9. Animal Boy 2,05
10. Halfway To Sanity 2,08
11. Brain Drain 2,29
12. Pleasant Dreams 2,34
13. End Of The Century 2,42
14. Subterranean Jungle 2,5
15. Loco Live 2,53 
Favourite albumcover:
 1. Ramones
2. Road To Ruin
3. Too Tough To Die
4. Rocket To Russia
5. Acid Eaters
6, Mondo Bizarro
7. End Of The Century
8. It’t Aluve
9. Leave Home
10. Halfway To Sanity
Favourite livesongs: 
Blitzkrieg Bop, the first songs in the set (before Ramones took off the leatherjackets)
and Pinhead
Most missed livesongs:
Carbona Not Glue, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,
She Belongs To Me, I Won’t Let It Happen, Questioningly
Most important at a liveshow: 
1. The Sound
2. The Speed
3. The Loudness
4. The Lightshow
„Joey’s voice“, „Drinking“, „…that I always miss the scene when they take off the leatherjackets“,
„The feelings inside of me“, „Being close to the band“
Many people said, the band should vary their liveset more.
The best happened to you at a show:
„I met my future wife“
„I lost and found 20 pounds at the same show“
„I was elboing a poser and found out it was my best friend“
„Seeing C.Jay in the audience before the show without being noticed“
„I met the band after a show“ 
The worst happened to you at a liveshow:
 „Alsdorf 1992“
„That the shows are all too short“
„I missed the train back home and was waiting eight hours for the next one- in winter“
„Only alcohol-free drinks at the bar“ 
The ultimate ramonic phrase to the participants was Too Tough To Die.
Favourite albumtitle: 
1. Too Tough To Die
2. Road To Ruin
3. Rocket To Russia
4. Mondo Bizarro
5. Halfway To Sanity
Favourite videoclip:
1. Psycho Therapy (Uncut version)
2. I Wanna Live
3. Pet Sematary
4. Something To Believe In
5. I Wanna Be Sedated 1988
Q- Should the band have more commercial success?
A- Yes (91%*)
Q- Would it change them?
A- No (86% of *)
Nearly everyone who said „no more commercial success for the band“, said it because they were afraid of this would change the band.
Favourite lyrics:
Bonzo Goes To Bitburg, Teenage Lobotomy, Commando, 7-11,
The KKK Took My Baby Away
Favourite singlerelease:
1. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
2. Blitzkrieg Bop
3. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
4. Rockaway Beach
5. Howling At The Moon/Chasing The Night (Double-7inch)
Fans’ suggestions for new Ramones-albumtitles included:
„Unplugged“, „Destination Destruction“, „Grave Escapers“.
„Geekamania“, „More Songs About Love And Intoxication“,
„Born To Loose, Live To Win“, „Pizza Patrol“
but topped by„Condemned To Live“, which in reality was in talks as title instead of „Mondo Bizarro“
Most popular Filmgenre: 
Favourite kind of books:
Horror, Science Fiction, Bukowski, Historical, Biographies
Fans’ famous last words:
„Fuck You!“
„The one’s I’m gonna tell you the other day“
„Bla bla bla“
„Sorry if you can’t read my writing, I’m drunk…“- in fact that were the only words
that questionnaire that we could have read at all!